Truckmate drawbar trailers
UK's leading design and production of drawbar CHEM trailers with patented sheeting system for the recycling industry, producing skip trailers, brick trailers and specialist haulage trailers. We produce skip trailers to carry a single skip, loaded over the rear, or by means of a retractable drawbeam, the skip can be loaded over the front. We also produce a dual-skip Truckmate which carries two skips. The patented Truckmate sheeter stows away below the level of the trailer deck, thereby allowing bins to be loaded over front and rear of the Truckmate. Conventional sheeting systems don't allow this. Truckmate designs involve a complete stress analysis of each trailer system. The truck and trailer are treated as a complete outfit, which have to comply with weights, length and turning circle legislation. The retractable drawbeam locks are specially designed to be fail-safe; there are two identical locks, each designed to keep the drawbeam secure in case of pneumatic or mechanical failure. Fully hydraulic CHEM Truckmates are equipped with a hand pump, so that if the truck's electrical supply fails, the driver can still lock bin clamps, retract landing legs and deploy the Truckmate sheeter. Piggy-back fork-lifts are handled with ease – the specially designed Truckmate allows for the different nose-weights of the outfit, whether loaded, unloaded or partially loaded. Tri-axle Truckmates are usually equipped with a lifting first axle. The lifting and lowering action is automatic and depends upon the weight carried. When the axle is lifted tyre wear is reduced. Truckmates are used all over the UK, from the Western Isles of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall. The first Truckmate was produced as a tipping drawbar trailer in 1983 when GTW was only 32 tonnes. Most Truckmates are designed as centre-axle drawbar trailers, being 1, 2, or 3 axle trailers, from 6 tonnes to 24 tonnes GVW. Centre axle trailers are much more easily manoeuvred than turn-table trailers. Drawbar coupling eyes on Truckmates are bolt-on types, rather than the cheaper welded-on versions. They are attached to a universal backplate, so that different sizes and makes of eye can be used. For more than 25 years we have supplied the building industry with drawbar brick trailers, concrete block trailer and tile carriers. On-site manoeuvrability of the Truckmate drawbar outfits is legendary.

We produce specialist TYPE-APPROVED drawbar Trailers.  

Truckmate is a drawbar trailer range,  designed to meet your needs. Whether you carry waste containers (sometimes called hooklift or CHEM Bins) with truck-mounted hook-loaders, skips, or brick and block,  we produce to the very best quality. In conjunction with the drawbar trailer for CHEM containers we also produce  patented Bin Sheeting Systems.


SKIP TRAILERS: The Skip Trailer shown above is an 18 tonne tandem-axle trailer designed to carry single skips.

We can also build to ADR Regulations - the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road