When 40 tonnes GTW is enough, a tandem-axle Truckmate is ideal.

Watch the bin-transfer video....



  • Frame:                       Steel chassis, with retractable drawbar beam and rear under run bar.
  • Axles:                         Tandem axles.
  • Brakes:                     2-line air with Disc or Drum brakes and "push-to-manoeuvre" valve.
  • Anti-skid:             Electronic Braking System with ISO 7638 connector & lead
  • Tyres:                         385/55R22.5 tyres (Singles)
  • Suspension:     Air Suspension with lowering valve.
  • Coupling:             50 mm or 57.5 mm bolt-on drawbar eye
  • Landing legs: Twin wind-down legs to front and to rear. (optional hydraulic legs)
  • Electrics:               Aspock electrics to rear cluster lights and legal markers.
  • Finish:                       Shot-blast, then 2-pack paint
  • Body:                         The trailer design allows a refuse container to be loaded and unloaded on its main longitudinal members. The containers must be manufactured to 'CHEM.' STANDARDS TYPE T.S.8 and must have 75 mm height clearance on the outside of the main longitudinal members TO ALLOW SAFE TRANSFER. Any rear cross beam must also allow this clearance. Double-acting pneumatically operated locks (Optional hydraulic locks) are employed to secure the bins for travelling.