Truckmate CHEM trailers; Refuse containers; Bin trailer; Drawbar Trailer for Hooklift Bins; Recycling Trailers

We produce specialist TYPE-APPROVED drawbar trailers to carry CHEM type waste containers (sometimes referred to as roll-on-off trailers and recycling trailers}, the 24 Tonne Tri-Axle CHEM Truckmate  being the most common.

12 Tonne Tandem-Axle CHEM Truckmate  and 18 Tonne Tandem-Axle CHEM Truckmate are also produced  

The Truckmate drawbar trailer, however, is built to suit customers' specific needs. e.g. some users require pneumatic bin locks, whilst others want hydraulic locks; some need to carry Huffermann bins as well as CHEM types; some wish to use our patented  foldaway sheeting system which still allows containers to be loaded over front or rear.

We will visit your premises to measure your bins. Advice is without prejudice, and is free of charge - as is our driver training on new Truckmates.
If you have 'non-standard' requirements, we are happy to work with you to design a Truckmate to suit the purpose