Viridor has a diverse and continually expanding operation, and its trailer requirements change with its growth. For several, years Truckmate has supplied the company with drawbar trailers to carry CHEM standard hooklift containers, but in recent times some of Viridor €™s business acquisitions have required drawbar trailers to transport materials and equipment other than those CHEM standard containers.

Recent purchases from Truckmate by Viridor include skips with sheeters for transporting hazardous waste in the south west, and hooklift containers in the south east, which are designed to handle special containers as well as the standard CHEM containers.

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Some of the acquired businesses were already using Truckmate trailers, such as the twin-skip trailers for handling waste glass from the St.Helens area. Both single- and twin-skip plus hooklift container drawbar trailers were also already in use at newly acquired sites in Norfolk.

  Truckmate works closely with Viridor when a new project involving drawbar trailers is anticipated, attending meetings and visiting the various sites in order to undertake a survey of the project, and produce feasibility reports.


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