DS Smith Recycling

DS Smith Recycling has been working with Truckmate to update its drawbar outfits.   In the UK the CHEM standard for waste containers has been in existence for some time, and this makes the design of hooklift equipment and drawbar trailers theoretically much easier.   Through acquisition and equipment updates DS Smith Recycling now has a varied container fleet.   The downside of this is that the company needs a bespoke trailer to accommodate its dual lift and purpose built containers.

Truckmate undertook the task of cataloguing DS Smith Recycling €™s various types of container  €“ no mean task when one considers the numbers involved!

Courtesy of www.dssmithrecycling.com

Courtesy of www.dssmithrecycling.com

Armed with this information, Truckmate €™s designer set to work creating a new design of drawbar trailer which would accept all of the container types, whilst being driver-friendly.

The result is proving to be a total success: a fleet of Truckmate trailers with hydraulically operated bin locks, landing legs, front bin stop and sheeter. The retractable drawbeam allows front loading of the containers, thereby minimising space required for the changeover operation.

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